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A very special thing in the mix should be good for the beauty of hair and forever for the nice hair.

Balanced diet

The use of balanced diet for good health is necessary, apple and other fruits, vegetables are more used, regularly affects the hair to drink hair. As well as care, coconut or mustard oil is useful in hair. Take it lightly before oiling. Take a little lemons juice before bathing and hair wash, and wash the hair roots. After this, wash the hair from soap or shampoo. It is also useful for the screens.


Put mendi (henna) in the water for a night and then put it on the morning and then wash the hair. The hair is put to coconut oil. Hair will be tall, dense and shiny. Mendi (henna) the clean leaves of the mesh and the berries. Take both of them, and they will be taller than this mixture.


Black Moash proven a cup, Ammala half cups, scognty half cups, Matthew seeds, two big spoon, four-digit of lemons, four-digit to all these items can make powder. Give for half an hour in the water and head apply. Wash the head after minutes. It will stop hairstyle and tall, dense shiners will also be.


Put the fresh flowers of the ball in the mustard oil 250 grams of night. Sprinkle the flowers well filing. Thinking this oil well on its head almost an hour before the washing washing. Hair will be tall and dense. Make a handful of powder by grinding a fist matthew to tall hair.


In this, get eggs, coconut oil and papaya. Let it stay in hair for hours and wash hair from a good herbal shampoo. Pure surplus 210 ml of oil casser on hair, apply hair 110 ml da to hair. Hair tall, dense black and chubby.


For shiny hair, an hour before the bath, the oil is shining in the hair. Steam in hair. Balls will be like silk. Take two big spoon and taking an egg zombie. Mix it well in the head. Wash it well after all hours. The hair will be soft and the beauty and beauty will come to them.


Taking the cup of milk. I get an egg well, even though it started to become foam. Apply it on the skin and hairstyle. Wash it after a while.


Women in the head of the head, they mix a tea spoon coconut oil in the mixture, otherwise hair will be dry. Hairstyles, shiny and dense oil to make oil flaws oil, a liter, lender oil 15 ml, Lemon Oil 10 ml, day oil 5 ml.


This oil hair makes tall shiners. Useful for hair beauty 250 grams, Ammala 250 grams, Tear oil 250 ml, grinding both of them and cook in the oil. Nevertheless oil colors change and fill it in the bottle. Oil was ready. Before half an hour before it, take it well in oil hair.


The oil to lengthen the hair is 250 grams, burglar 150 grams, burglar mahdi 150 grams, oil oil 100 ml, water-based litter, water a liter. In water to water. Putting on fire. You should be light. When water is half burnt, then put the water and when all the water is burnt and only the oil remains, slowly put it in the bottle. The hair is tall with this oil.


If hair runner is also supported in hair shine. These provide good shields to protect hair from damages of pollution and sun rays. Apple Hair Runs, Malt Vicar 200 ml, semi-hot water a liter. Both of them apply to hair. Dry hair in a relatively hot room.


It can be used for every kind of hair. It is important to know the way to brush or comb in the hair, dense and shiny hairstyle. Always brush in the balls when it is dry.


Brushing in hair causes two mouths of hair heads. Burn down the head to bent and start brushing hair heads. Bend the head forward while brushing. In this way the blood flow will move towards the head and the hair will be generated in hair. The need for a soft brush for hair . A big brush for long chubby hair is needed to be tough. A narrow brush for small or torn hairstyle, which is headquartered rectangular and whose grains are in the form of group format. Do not use the brush brush. These hair injures. The use of a comb to be used in which the rival distance is easy to combine hair in hairstyle is to start combing hair from the hair and gradually come to the top.

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