Onion water for remove unwanted hair


Interesting and strange

Extra hair on the face, due to which girls are very worried, some girls use many creams and many tricks, but it is beneficial for a while, but after ten to fifteen days, the hair starts coming again.  In this way, a lot of money is wasted, so the recipe that I am going to share with you today was shared with me by a friend, so I tried it myself first. I am surprised that the result is so good.  Thought I would share this recipe as it is a very simple and easy recipe


Basil (Niaz Bo seeds) for making this recipe, our main ingredient is Basil (Niaz Bo seeds), you can get them from store.  It is not necessary to grind it and make its powder. After making its powder, after making its powder, you should take a small onion and grind it. Now we have to take its juice.  Now, take the onion which we have made powder from the Basil (Niaz Bo seeds) and add as much juice as there is to it.  Now add a pinch of white turmeric to it.  Now mix them all well.  After mixing it well, you can apply this remedy on any part of your body without any worries, wherever you have hair, and use this remedy without any worries.

Benefits of this remedy

You will get more benefits by using this remedy if you have unwanted hair on any part of the body such as legs, arms, hands and neck, breasts, stomach, feet.  Even if these hairs are on any part of the body, these hairs will get rid of these hairs very quickly.  will  This is a very special remedy for those guys and for those guys, for those women and for those men who are very worried about their unwanted hair.  This remedy is very special for them and you must not use this remedy to get full benefit from it.

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