Orange oil with skin soft and shiny


Make your skin soft and shiny with orange oil.  How easy it is to make orange oil at home, simple recipe as follows.

In the season of Orange (canoes). And they are eaten very fondly in every home. They are rich in vitamin C. It makes your skin beautiful and glowing. Orange (canoes) or maltes are as delicious as they are to eat.  The peels are also very useful, they are also used in various beauty products. It is also used to make abton etc. But here we are making a very quick-release orange oil that will beautify your skin and  Adds radiance. And keeps you young and beautiful for longer.

The simple recipe as follows:

Take a Orange (canoes) or malt peel and grind it finely, now add almond oil (almond oil is mostly used in beauty products) or coconut oil, four to five tablespoons or enough to cover the Orange (canoes) or malt peels.  Submerge in it and put it on the stove. Now put the peels in it. After five to seven minutes, when the peels are cooked well in it, remove it from the stove and let it cool.

Keep it in a jar, now put a pinch of saffron in it and leave it for two or three days.  Now it is ready to use, after six to seven days of use you will see how bright and beautiful your skin has become.

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